Joseph Arseneau, Chief Legal Investigator

Joseph Arseneau, Chief Legal Investigator

  Mr. Arseneau has lived and worked in the Colorado legal and business  community for most of his adult life. His background includes tours of  duty with the United States Marine Corps, Claycomo Missouri Police  Department and Douglas County Sheriff's Department. He is a veteran of  hundreds of arrests and scores of court trials. He has worked as a  contract legal investigator, lobbyist and victim advocate for numerous  law firms and individual attorneys.

He received his Associate of Arts degree from Maple Woods College in  Missouri, Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of  Missouri, Masters degree in Adult Education from the University of  Phoenix and educational certifications in Paralegalism and Legal  Investigations from the University of Colorado at Denver Department of  Adult Education as well as certification as a Colorado Peace Officer  from the State of Colorado POST Board. Mr. Arseneau is permitted and  qualified with concealed weapons.

Additionally, he has served as a professional lobbyist for the Colorado  State Legislature and as a legislative aide where he saw first hand the  serious side of Colorado Politics.

Mr. Arseneau presently teaches legal studies and legal research programs along with varied assignments in Legal Investigation.  



Associates of Arts Degree
Maple Wood College

Bachelors Degree Political Science
University of Missouri

Masters Degree Adult Education
University of Phoenix

Certificate in Paralegalism
University of Colorado at Denver

Certificate in Legal Investigations
University of Colorado at Denver

Colorado POST Certified Police Officer

Colorado CCW-Concealed Carry