CIG Staff

Polly Bergen-Paralegal

 Ms.  Bergren comes from a banking and medical background. Her presence and  assistance both in the field and in court is an invaluable part of CIG's  ability to deal with multifaceted case work. Additionally, she is a  Certified Paralegal and a Colorado Notary.

Gender sensitive cases and those involving child interviews are made  easier by having a talented women on a legal team that is both  inherently sensitive AND educated. Ms. Bergren is adept at legal  research and document preparation as well as being a good field  investigator and interviewer. Her ability to conduct undercover  assignments is enhanced as a female and she often goes from business  suit to "biker" clothes in her car if necessary. 

Ms. Bergren is permitted and qualified with concealed weapons. 

Brian Hill-Field Investigator

 Mr. Hill is a veteran of the United States Navy with a background  in Naval Communications and Intelligence. After leaving the service,  he spent over a decade in the Telecommunications & Information  Technology industries working for the Fortune 500.

Additionally,  Mr. Hill is a Certified Protection Specialist and has worked with  corporations and at-risk private parties as a security consultant and  private contractor. His knowledge and training in Behavioral Analysis,  Risk Assesment and Stalking has made him a valuable asset to the CIG  team. He provides a unique presence with his NFL lineman size and  surprises many with his articulate manner and ability to calm most  situations with words and logic alone.

Mr. Hill is permitted and qualified with concealed weapons.